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Sign Materials

Signs Made with Acrylic

One of the most common types of signs is the acrylic sign. They are very strong and capable of enduring a considerable amount of abuse. Acrylic signs can be customized, making them one of the more versatile sign materials available. Well known for its contemporary look and feel, acrylic signage is used in a variety of industries, the most common being retail. Acrylic is also a good choice for tech companies, hospitals, reception rooms, hotel lobbies, dentist and doctor offices and just about any place you would like to display your logo and brand name.

Signs Made with Alumalite

We suggest alumalite primarily for outdoor signs. Alumalite signs are great for wall or fence mount signs, billboards or multiple panel signs, post and panel, back-lit signs, cut-outs, channel letters, scoreboards, point of purchase displays, highway signage, information kiosks, laser printing, silk-screening, digital printing and more.

Signs Made with Aluminum

Aluminum is a very popular material for outdoor signs. Aluminum signs don’t rust or damage easily in the heat and rain, and the low cost of aluminum makes it affordable for a variety of businesses.

Signs Made with Carved Wood

Carved wood signs are great for both personal and business applications. They can be planted into the ground or hung from posts. You may have seen them used at the entrance to a cabin or even as directional signage. Carved signs offer a sense of vintage that is immediately recognizable.

Signs Made with Coroplast

Coroplast is a type of corrugated plastic. There are at least two layers to corrugated plastic. One layer is in a wave pattern and the other layer is flat. The two layers are adhered together forming a stronger sheet of plastic.

Signs Made with Corrugated

Corrugated signs are an affordable option for an array of options. Corrugated signs are often used indoor and with a limited outdoor usage, such as temporary political signs, event-day, directional signage and numerous other uses. Corrugated signs are a great way to communicate what you need to about your business.

Signs Made with DiBond

Dibond is a type of aluminum on the outside and a solid polyethylene core, which makes the sign strong and durable, yet lightweight make it a perfect combination. Dibond signs are commonly used as directional and regulatory signs. Dibond signs are often mounted on poles or walls. Dibond signs can be signs that communicate the rules or regulations or they can be large enough to be business signs mounted to the exterior of a building.

Signs Made with Expanded PVC

Poly vinyl chloride (PVC) signs are designed for indoor and very limited outdoor use. They are sturdy and portable. PVC signs are easily customizable, so your logo or images can be prominently displayed. Many PVC signs are used to advertise businesses like fitness centers or special events like membership specials or sales. PVC signs work great with bold colors and clean fonts.

Signs Made with Foam Board

Foam board signs are most commonly used for presentations and indoor directional signage. Most foam board signs are displayed using easels.

Signs Made with Foam Core

Foam core signs are most popularly used as presentation tools. Whether it is a conference presentation or lecture, foam core is a versatile and lightweight option. It is easily customized to the size and shape that you need. Foam core and be printed on one side or you can choose to have it printed double-sided, it is all up to you and what will work best for your business or presentation.

Signs Made with Metal

Metal signs are durable in the outdoors and all types of weather. Most metal signs are created for outdoor use. These signs are often used for traffic, direction, and for communicating rules and regulations. Metal signs are quite frequently used to publicize rules, regulations, and directional information and the text is usually kept to a minimum. They are used to communicate a point quickly and succinctly.

Signs Made with Neon

Neon signs are used both outdoors and indoors. The signs are visible in the day and especially at night. Neon signs can be displayed both indoor and outdoor. A neon sign allows your business to be advertised even when your business is not open. A neon sign is a 24/7 marketing tool. Let your business speak for you whether it is a stock sign or one that is custom ordered.

Signs Made with Plastic

Plastic signs are a great for event day signage, like directions to venue. They are also great for menus, conferences, and other similar events. They tend to be smaller than other signs that we provide, but that does not hinder their impact. Plastic signs work great within a store to direct customers to certain areas or where particular merchandise is located. We can easily add your logo and contact information for special event exhibitions. Because they are so cost-effective, having several signs for various events is a successful and attainable goal.

Printed Magnetic Signs

Magnetic signs are a way to market your business at all times. The signs are meant to be used on steel surfaces that are smooth, like vehicles. Magnet signs are an affordable option to spread the word about your business. A logo and text can be added your magnetic sign.

Signs Made with Styrene

Styrene signs are a very popular sign choice for many businesses. They are an affordable option and fully customizable to fit your ideals and your space. Styrene signs can be used both indoors and short-term or temporarily outdoors. The signs are extremely versatile with the display options. Styrene signs can be used at conferences, special events, or interior store signage.

Signs Made with Vinyl

Vinyl Signs are great for a variety of purposes, both indoor and outdoor, for short or long term projects. Vinyl signs can be designed in a variety of lengths and designs, which make them very versatile and suitable for your business needs. You can use vinyl signs to communicate a number of messages, such as, new ownership, new menu, new hours, or clearance sale. You can even use a vinyl sign as a temporary placeholder while remodeling, the uses or infinite.

Signs Made with Wood

Wood signs are very durable and can be long-lasting. A wood sign gives the impression of sophistication. You will find wood signs bolted to the walls of the interior of a business or oftentimes installed in the ground on the exterior of a business. Sign Kwik can work with you to design a sign that fits into your business and location.